*take a deep breath …*

For some reasons..I feels like someone stupid!!
very very stupid and feels like a loser…:(
until I realize and decided to stop it.

Listen to my own deep feeling or intuitions…
that what I missed from the beginning…
regrets? not really…part of my feeling enjoy it πŸ˜€
when it goes disappointed me at the end..I’ll take it as a risk …

I believe that something happen for a reason…
make us learning something….
learning how to being honest…at least to our self
learning how to dealing with our own feeling…*this one could be the hardest part*
learning how to “read” more…when dealing to others
learning how to decided the best for our soul…

Emotionally …I doubt myself that I could take it…
sometimes I’m not sure that I couldn’t resist the temptation of it…
and mostly I’m feeling down at the other side…
complicated ? yup..actually complicated it’s my middle name..:D
then I decided to stop. I’m done finally…phew!
[GOD works with his secret need to much efforts and it’s comes]

Off course I’m not XENA πŸ˜€ even though some friends pointed me like her *tampol*
honestly..I’m XENA outside but PRINCESS AURORA inside :p

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