I’m fall in love..
since the first time the smell touch my nose
since the first time the taste touch my lips
then flowing to my heart
I love the way it’s calming my complicated mind
make me feel comfort…

I’m fall in love…
while I was too naif to understand the story behind…

too many stories of my life pop up with
too many places I’ve spend with
I just love ..the way it is

but it doesn’t love me back 😦

It’s takes a billion seconds for me
to realize that until my tummy attacked
I just end up as oneway lover…

but I have no reason to leave it
even it’s hurt …

pic courtesy from here


Welcoming myself back 😀

Ngeblog??? rasanya udah ber-abad abad yang lalu ketika gw terakhir ngeblog, lalu tiba-tiba kangen, pengen nyampah lagi, trus kepikiran buat nyari tempat baru biar lebih semangat nyampahnya hehehe *alesan basbang*

Postingan2 terakhir di blog gw yang lama, crosspost dari sini 😀

Ok, next step gw lagi usaha mindahin konten blog gw ke sini, tapi tadi gak bisa akses gara2 lupa passwordnya *doh!*. Udah minta tolong oom Is-gmail buat trackback account gw, semoga bisa!

So, this is me and my complicated mind…

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