I’m fall in love..
since the first time the smell touch my nose
since the first time the taste touch my lips
then flowing to my heart
I love the way it’s calming my complicated mind
make me feel comfort…

I’m fall in love…
while I was too naif to understand the story behind…

too many stories of my life pop up with
too many places I’ve spend with
I just love ..the way it is

but it doesn’t love me back 😦

It’s takes a billion seconds for me
to realize that until my tummy attacked
I just end up as oneway lover…

but I have no reason to leave it
even it’s hurt …

pic courtesy from here

5 thoughts on “[O]NEWAY LOVER…

Add yours

  1. yeah… love comes through everything.
    love comes through d’seasons, that give us plenty of reasons.
    love comes through affection, that make us feel protection.
    love comes through d’dreams, that make us sooo gleam. :p

  2. hy mbak eny..kata2 nya bagus bgt deh..btw,aku new comer di blogger..kl ada waktu blh liat2 blog aku..ehheehheh..aku follow tweeter nya ya mbak..makasiihh..

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