my first impression is… what a humble person he is πŸ˜€
and no doubt, angelic voices and also a great entertainer πŸ˜€

I should say thanks to Endah [again],:D for inviting me to Daniel Sahuleka Mini Concert last night, and also to Wanda who got the ticket for all of us. I’m very excited to come because I missed his performance at last JavaJazzFestival, since I had to go to Lampung for Family Gathering.

For me, feels like I have an emotional bond with him, his song actually hehehe
And last friday night all my teenager memories suddenly came up, while enjoying Daniel played his guitar and sang, specially when he sang one of his famous song, Don’t sleep away this night πŸ˜€
I share you a little secret, that song accompanied me when I got my first kissed =))

A little bit annoying in opening ceremony, but over all, the concert was cool…
For a man with his age, Daniel was so energetic. After the show, he allowed all his fans to taking picture with him while he signing the CD/T-shirt at the stage hehehehe now can you imagine the crowd.

Really having a great moment last friday night. Finally I could met him face to face, got a kiss on cheek from him, signed on his CD and taking a picture in the middle of crowd πŸ˜€

Thank you Daniel, luv u, may GOD bless you, amen


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  1. I like Daniel too sis….especialy “Don’t sleep a way the night”…..wiss nostalgia banget. Luv u note too…great.

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