feel unhappy, lonely dan empty?
meets Private, Skipper, Rico and Kowalski
they gonna makes you laugh 😂😂😂

freshly jokes and crispy chèesy dibbles…
recommended for all family 😍😍😍

don’t set him off, ever!
and keep away the pencil from him!

Jhon Wick was typically hollywood movie.
a good looking and unstopable badass hitman with good personality, comes out of retirement, took his revenge from russian gangster. All by himself.

action movie.chessy line story with cool fighting arrangement.quite entertaining.
mr. Revees looks sexy as always😍

snacking javanesse traditional steam glotinous rice pouring with shredded young coconut and sweet soya powder…
remembrance the old lovely memories..

tonggy gyu tan don.beef teppanyaki.
simply fresh from #pasarsanta japanesse outlet.
beware of your sweat!

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