Me vs MyComplicatedMinds

the other side of me…

don’t set him off, ever!
and keep away the pencil from him!

Jhon Wick was typically hollywood movie.
a good looking and unstopable badass hitman with good personality, comes out of retirement, took his revenge from russian gangster. All by himself.

action movie.chessy line story with cool fighting arrangement.quite entertaining.
mr. Revees looks sexy as always😍



having experience with Inception,
I made myself prepared before surfing in Nolan’s world.
but still, I got several breathtaking yet spechless moment

I might say, Nolan is having insanity inside him that makes something beyond imagination become realistic. I salute him for that.
sometimes we need a little doze of insanity to keep us alive, rite?

#Interstellar, a science fiction movie was amazed me in many ways. knocking somewhere in my thalamus…feeding my imagination about the outerspace…mind fuck.

ghatered 5 Academy Awards (OSCAR) winners; Matthew McCounaghey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Ellen Burstyn and Matt Damon…I can’t ask for great acting from any of them, dont I ?

great story.great picture.great effect.great scoring.everything was great for me.
thanks Nolan!

its about a great journey of mankind.
its about love…
its about hope…

a must see movie, left me with amazing feeling and also a lot of thing inside my head..

snacking javanesse traditional steam glotinous rice pouring with shredded young coconut and sweet soya powder…
remembrance the old lovely memories..

tonggy gyu tan don.beef teppanyaki.
simply fresh from #pasarsanta japanesse outlet.
beware of your sweat!

#akasyaexpress experience
traditional sauted papaya’s leaf in manadonesse style,
javanesse urap (stew veggie combinated with young coconut shreeded spicy mix),
crunchy young corn frittes,
last but not least kembung fish cooked in pesmol sauce.
what a big and deadliciously lunchie.
happy tummy indeed.

gabus setan. a home made sauted gabus salted fish with a mount of chilli with other spice. fire on your mouth.devilish your ex.😈

nutella choco cake from monolog cafe.
the taste not so good as it’s pic.
no repeat order

rujak cingur. a traditional javanesse food.
made from a combination of tofu, fruit, veggie and “cingur” / cow’s lips 😀 combine with spicy petis sauce (made from fermented little prawn and other spice)

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