feel unhappy, lonely dan empty?
meets Private, Skipper, Rico and Kowalski
they gonna makes you laugh 😂😂😂

freshly jokes and crispy chèesy dibbles…
recommended for all family 😍😍😍

don’t set him off, ever!
and keep away the pencil from him!

Jhon Wick was typically hollywood movie.
a good looking and unstopable badass hitman with good personality, comes out of retirement, took his revenge from russian gangster. All by himself.

action movie.chessy line story with cool fighting arrangement.quite entertaining.
mr. Revees looks sexy as always😍

“7 Hari 24 Jam” movie would become a moment for the immortally beauty Dian Sastro back to industry.

off course Lukman Sardi and Dian Sastro play they role naturally. both of them have their own signature on acting
can feel them as “real couple” in this movie

a romantic comedy movie
common story, simply script but not redundant
left me a “warm and sweet” aftertaste

On theatre 27 November 2014.
so, be there ..

another great movie
simple story with beautiful scene, act, dialog and other detils.
the aftertaste just makes you fell good and happy, full of excitement and off course…mouthwatering 😀

one of the best movie.luv it!
beautiful story, amazing scene and also great dialog.
robert duvall playing his role beautifully and also RDJ 😍

another father and son story.
soo touchy…left you warm and deep feeling long after you left the theater.

a must see movie.

simple story
lovely detils
good scoring
and last but not least,
mouthwatering 😆

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